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Process and Pricing



  • 10 credits for...
  • 10h LOC usage
  • "Nitro" Aurora 1.5 OPU
  • +Tesla V100 32 GB
  • +Intel® Xeon® Gold 16 cores
  • +128 GB RAM
  • +256 GB NVMe storage
  • 6 months credit validity
  • (price includes VAT)



  • 20 credits for...
  • 20h LOC usage
  • "Nitro" Aurora 1.5 OPU
  • +Tesla V100 32 GB
  • +Intel® Xeon® Gold 16 cores
  • +128 GB RAM
  • +256 GB NVMe storage
  • 12 months credit validity
  • (price includes VAT)



  • Unlimited credits for...
  • 1 week LOC (dedicated)
  • "Nitro" Aurora 1.5 OPU
  • +Tesla V100 32 GB
  • +Intel® Xeon® Gold 16 cores
  • +128GB RAM
  • +256GB NVMe storage
  • 1 week (consecutive)
  • (price includes VAT)


An OPU-based LightOn Appliance in your datacenter
available in early 2021
  • LightOn appliance
  • Flexible plans to cover your needs

You may select between 2 different package types:

  • Pay-as-you-go: the pay-as-you-go option refers to the Medium and Large packages. In this case, you buy credits that you can later use to book time slots and use LightOn Cloud OPUs (LOCOs).
  • Dedicated: In the dedicated package, you have dedicated access to one specific LOCO (LightOn Cloud OPU) for one week, and an unlimited number of credits that are valid for the duration of this week. 

LightOn Cloud Free Trial

No payment or credit card required!

Step 1. Request access

In order to use the LightOn Cloud service you have to request access. In the same form you have to select your preferred credit package. Pricing information can be found below.

Step 2. Account creation

If sufficient capacity exists we will send you all the necessary information to proceed with the payment and your account creation. You will then receive all the necessary information to start using the LightOn Cloud.

Step 3. Book a time-slot

After having your account, you are good to go! You can book a time-slot and start using LightOn Cloud. Upon booking, you will receive all necessary information to connect through Jupyter or SSH.

Step 4. Train your model

Using LightOn OPUs through simple libraries, you can train your models in no time. And if you need more help, our friendly community has your back. And if you want to buy more credits just let us know at support[at]lighton.io.

All LightOn Cloud users have access to our proprietary Optical Processing Unit alongside powerful hardware and pre-installed popular packages for ML and Data Science, such as Pytorch and scikit-learn. Oh, and Jupyter notebook server support as well. And since you have full access to the machine, you can install any package you want. For the detailed characteristics of the LightOn Cloud please visit this documentation page.


OPU: "Nitro" Aurora 1.5


CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) Gold 6130 CPU @ 2.10GHz
GPU: NVIDIA Tesla V100-PCIe-32GB
RAM: 128 GB
Storage: NVMe & persistent network-attached storage

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