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LightOn Cloud Service terms

Details of versioning and variations

  • v5 published on 15/09/2021
  • v4 published on 28/07/2020
  • v3 published on 06/07/2020
  • v2 published on 30/04/2020
  • v1 published on 31/03/2020

These LightOn Cloud Service terms (these “Terms”) are an agreement between LightOn SAS, as identified below:

LightOn, SAS au capital de 48400,33 €
RCS Paris -SIRET N°82110069000014
Headquarters: 2, rue de la Bourse F-75002 Paris
Offices: 6, rue Jean Calvin F-75005 Paris, Tel.: +33 (0)1 40 79 43 43

E-mail: contact[at]lighton.ai

(also referred to as “LightOn” “we,” “us,” or “our”)
you or the entity you represent (hereinafter referred to as “you” or “your”).
LightOn Cloud service terms (these terms) apply in addition to the LightOn Cloud Agreement, describing the general Terms and Conditions governing the LightOn Cloud, and which can be found at the webpage https://cloud.lighton.ai/loc-terms-and-conditions/. In the event of contradiction between the two sets of Terms, the general Terms (LightOn Cloud Agreement) shall prevail.
It is expressly agreed between us that the capitalized terms in the present Terms of Services and defined in the LightOn Cloud Agreement have the same meaning in the LightOn Cloud Agreement.

LightOn Cloud service terms (these terms) are subject to change at any time.

1. General procedure for using the LightOn Cloud Service

Access request and account creation

During the early release stage of LightOn Cloud, we are trying to make our service available to as many users as possible, without at the same time hindering their ability to find an available time slot with relative ease. As more OPUs are added to the LightOn Cloud we will be able to satisfy more access requests.

  • Request access: In order to use the LightOn Cloud Service, you have to request access using the online form available at https://cloud.lighton.ai/loc-application-page. LightOn Cloud operates on the basis of a credit system. During your initial request for success you also select your preferred credit package. Pricing information can be found here.
  • Payment and account creation: If sufficient capacity exists:
    • We will send you all the necessary information to proceed with your payment.
    • Upon receiving the payment, you’ll get your credentials within 1 working day at the e-mail address you have provided to us during your request for access.
    • If sufficient capacity does not exist, we will try to inform you about the availability, but we cannot guarantee any timeline to do so.
    • Alongside your credentials, you will receive all other necessary information to use LightOn Cloud (e.g. links for documentation, available support channels, etc.)
  • And if you want to buy more credits just let us know at support[at]lighton.io.

Using the LightOn Cloud Service

  • After completing the aforementioned steps about the payment and the account creation, you will receive your credentials and you can book a time slot and start using the LightOn Cloud. Upon booking, you will receive all the necessary connection information to your email.
  • Booking and payment for the LightOn Cloud Service is offered through third parties; for more details please refer to the LightOn Cloud Terms and Conditions.

2. LightOn Cloud Service pricing and different options

The pricing of the LightOn Cloud service is described in the webpage Process & Pricing. Users may select between 3 different options.

  • LightOn Cloud for Research
  • Free Trial
  • Dedicated: In the dedicated package, the user has dedicated access to one specific LOCO (LightOn Cloud OPU) for one week, and an unlimited number of credits that are valid for the duration of this week. 

After the payment is made, an invoice is issued. In case of failure to receive the invoice, request an invoice re-transmission by contacting us at support[at]lighton.ai.

3. General description of the LightOn Cloud Service

Subject to the subscription of the relevant services:

In LightOn Cloud you have access to LightOn Aurora 1.5 OPU alongside a CPU (Intel® Xeon® Gold 6130 CPU @ 2.10GH), GPU (NVIDIA® Tesla V100-PCIe-32GB), 128GB of RAM and 256GB of NVMe storage (see more details here).

You have in your disposal a private data directory, persistent across bookings (mounted on ~/data). You can access these data anytime (no booking is required) through SFTP.

You have access to a shared storage space (mounted on /data/ml_data) where you can find datasets relevant to the examples that exist in your private data directory.

During each booking, the compute (OPU+CPU+GPU) is fully yours and you have “sudo” rights, but be aware that every system modification is lost at the end of each booking.

You start with a complete Python environment for Machine Learning task with OPU, GPU and CPU.

LOC provides a JupyterLab interface: before the start of each booking, you will receive a link at your email. You can install any extension to it and you are able to set extension installation at each boot to automate the process.

If you prefer SSH access to the compute you have to provide an SSH username and your public SSH key here.

Booking system and general LightOn Cloud characteristics:

  • Booking duration: The minimum booking duration is 10 minutes and the maximum booking duration is 24 hours.
  • Booking start time: You may not plan a booking for less than 10 minutes in advance (minimum booking start time = Now+10’). Additionally, a time buffer of 10 minutes exists between bookings for the same OPU. (e.g. if a booking ends at 15:00 a new booking may start after 15:10).
  • Booking modification: After a booking has been made, it cannot be modified. Alternatively, you may delete your booking and make a new one. (The credits from the deleted booking will be immediately added back to your account).
  • Booking deletion: You may delete a booking until 1 minute before the starting time. (e.g. a booking that starts at 15:00 cannot be deleted after 14:58).
  • Only the data folder (~/data) is persistent across bookings.
  • There is no need to book a time-slot to transfer data to/from your account through SFTP.

4. Personal data

LightOn collects personal data on users who use the LightOn Cloud Service. The terms that govern this collection are described in the Data Protection Annex that is part of the LightOn Cloud Terms and Conditions.

The terms of LightOn Cloud Privacy Policy that can be found on the website https://cloud.lighton.ai/privacy-policy, apply to the collection and use of data collected through the Website https://cloud.lighton.ai.

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